Teambuilding and Customer Intimacy come together at Hansgrohe UK

Esher, July 2016. On Tuesday 12th July, 72 staff from the Hansgrohe UK team gathered at The Water Studio in Clerkenwell to embark on a day of fun, fact-finding and most importantly, getting to better know their customers in Central London.

Ten teams of around seven set off; sporting Hansgrohe t-shirts with clear rain ponchos and armed with an iPad containing details of their mission for the day. Each team was tasked with walking, tubing and busing around London (dodging frequent downpours) to visit three customers and find out about their businesses. During journey times, teams had to answer a selection of water-related trivia questions and complete random tasks such as break dancing. It was also a great opportunity to pool resources and work together with colleagues from different departments.

The winning team ‘HANSome’ was the one with the most points when the scores were totted up at the end of the day in The Ship pub in Wandsworth.

Chloe Wesenlund, Senior Marketing Communications Executive, says “The day was great fun, but on a serious note was all about customer intimacy which is a key strategic pillar for us at Hansgrohe UK. It gave staff who wouldn't usually meet customers throughout the course of their day the opportunity to do so and find out about what matters to them.”