To reward members of its team who have demonstrated remarkable customer service, Graham Plumbers’ Merchant is asking customers to once again nominate their Graham Customer Hero as part of the Graham Heroes Awards.

The Graham Heroes Awards recognises members of the Graham team for their outstanding work and excellent customer service in seven different categories. These include Community Hero, Knowledge Hero and the Rising Star Hero award.

Graham is looking for nominations in the Customer Hero category, with those in the trade invited to put forward a staff member who they feel has excelled in their role this year. The Customer Hero award is a great opportunity to highlight those individuals that go the extra mile, always display a fantastic attitude or just brighten their customers’ day with a positive and helpful approach.

To nominate a member of the Graham team for the Customer Hero award, email by 30 September 2017 with a few details, including:

  • Who you are nominating (name and location)
  • Why you are nominating that particular member of staff
  • Your name, company and contact details.

The top three shortlisted Customer Heroes will be invited to the company’s awards ceremony and dinner at Graham’s annual conference in December.

Ian Kenny, Marketing Director at Graham Plumbers’ Merchant, said: “The Graham Heroes Awards are all about celebrating members of our team who deserve recognition for their outstanding customer service. Year after year this category shines a light on the great work our teams across the country do on a daily basis.

“To be nominated for the Graham Customer Hero category is a particular honour because it demonstrates that their hard work is appreciated not only by the business as a whole but by their customers as well.”