The number of applications has increased by almost 3,000 since the end of July 2022, suggesting that there is continuing interest in the initiative.

Of the 7,231 BUS vouchers applied for, 5,686 vouchers have been issued. 3,332 redemption applications were subsequently received, of which 2,891 have been approved and paid.

The overwhelming majority of grants applied for continue to be for air source heat pumps (96% of total). In addition, both the South West and South East of England still account for the highest number of BUS applications (1,356 and 1,329 voucher applications, respectively) and account for just under 40% of the total number of applications.

For those vouchers that have been redeemed, the median cost of a BUS installation of an ASHP was £12,869 with a median capacity of 10kW, while the equivalent figures for a GSHP were £28,589 and 12kW, respectively.

Nearly all BUS redemptions so far have been for installations in domestic properties, with only eight installations of ASHPs being in non-domestic properties.

You can read the statistics in full here.