Poor control of domestic heating and hot water is costing UK consumers over £3.2 billion per year - £122 per home on average - according to time switch maker Sangamo.

This figure is according to UK time switch maker, Sangamo, and is based on the latest government statistics.

Managing director Mark Robinson said: "The home energy controls gap exists because many homes lack one or more of the three basics – a heating programmer, room thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves. It's also because consumers need better education on how to save more by setting their controls properly."

UK householders spent over £31.4 billion on gas and electricity in 2010, with an estimated 83% – or £26.1 billion – going on heating and hot water.

The company estimates conservatively that consumers could slash their heat and hot water bills on average by an eighth by using the right controls – a step which, for many, could make the biggest energy saving.

The potential £122 average annual saving from better home energy controls is more than the £100 a year the Department of Energy & Climate Change estimates households without loft and cavity wall insulation are wasting. It also dwarfs the £55 a year that the Energy Saving Trust says leaky homes could save through full draft proofing.

With gas costing the average home £719 per year and electricity £453, the typical annual combined energy bill in 2011 was £1,172, or nearly £98 per month.

To date, Port Glasgow-based Sangamo has only sold its products through the trade, but is now also selling direct to consumers via its new online portal at www.sangamo.co.uk.

This change coincides with the release of its new Choice range of home energy saving controls. These include heating and hot water programmers, wired and wireless thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves.