Keen to extend its line of renewable heating products Trianco has launched a range of biomass wood pellet boilers

A low cost heating solution that has environmental and fuel cost saving benefits, Greenflame is an automatically fed wood pellet boiler that delivers efficiencies in excess of 90%.

Wood is one of the most sustainable and natural fuel sources, offering substantial CO2 savings, as it releases about the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it absorbs during growth.

The carbon neutral wood pellets are automatically fed via the unit's 100kg pellet store facility, capable of supplying total heating and hot water requirements to a typical home for up to 7 days.

Offering user-friendly features and simple operation, it comes complete with digital LCD controller and a 7-step modulation feature.

Other features include frost protection, a self cleaning burner and heat exchanger and a low level pellet sensor/warning signal to give the homeowner ample notice to refuel.

The unit also houses pump and pressure switches housed within a weatherproof casing and a steel flue system (other fluing options available).

The first of a series of outputs to be launched in the range is rated to 15kW suitable for a 2-3 bedroom property. Introduction of internal and external models rated 15kW - 25kW will follow shortly.

The range is MCS accredited and therefore eligible for the current ‘Renewable Heat Premium Payment’ (RHPP) and the forthcoming ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ (RHI).

Government grant options coupled with the fact that the cost per kW/h of wood pellets can be up to 50% less than that of oil means substantially low fuel bills for the homeowner.

The range meets the efficiency standards set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes and is a serious contender for tacking fuel poverty issues in a time of continual increases in the rise of UK fuel costs.