Two manufacturers are calling on installers to be more aware of water saving issues and the benefits of flow regulators, after the news that Britain is facing a widespread drought this summer.

Bristan is encouraging installers to recommend fitting flow-regulators to their customers' showers and taps, while Altecnic is promoting the benefits of its Calflow Plus flow regulator.

Two dry winters have left reservoirs and water supplies across the country running dangerously low. Typically, homeowners have been advised to take a shower rather than a bath to save water. Bristan said that cutting shower time down by just one minute could save up to nine litres of water.

It also said homeowners can make additional water savings by investing in a shower fitted with flow regulators, which work by limiting the flow of water in the supply pipe. Flow regulators can be fitted in the inlet or outlet of a shower – also in the handset. According to the Energy Saving Trust, if a family of four replaced an inefficient shower with a water-efficient one, they could save around £72 on their water bills if they have a water meter, and a further £72 off their gas bills.

Bristan said consumers and installers alike often assume that, because flow regulators reduce the water output, the shower's performance is also reduced. In reality the company said this is not the case, and the difference in performance is 'virtually unnoticeable'.