Testing by UKAS-accredited test house, NSF International Laboratories, has confirmed that the Hotun Hiflo Dry Trap Tundish can cope with flows up to 19.5l/min.

In a report seen by HVP, NFS declared that the dry trap 15mm inlet and 32mm outlet tundish, rated by RA Tech UK as suitable for a flow of 18l/min, can cope with flow rates up to 19.5l/min before the maximum flow drain to atmosphere was compromised at 20l/min.

Russell Armstrong, inventor of the product and Managing Director of RA Tech UK, said: "Our in-house and other third party testing realised very similar results and we are extremely pleased that hiflo exceeds even those expectations. 

"The external independent accreditation of our in-house test results is part of our overall strategy to bring a product to the market that installers can have confidence in."