Tradespeople spend the most on Secret Santa presents for their colleagues, according to research from Wonga.

Wonga reports that 21% of tradespeople spend between £21 and £25 on a Secret Santa gift, compared to the national average of £13.

The professions that spend the most on Secret Santa gifts on average are:

  1. Plumber, builder or electrician - £18

  2. Designer or artist - £16

  3. IT - £16.

The thriftiest professions, by the percentage of people who spend £5 or less on a gift, are:

  1. Teacher - 21.1%

  2. Sales - 12.5%

  3. Retail - 11.4%.

Plumbers, builders and electricians also spend the most overall on seasonal workplace festivities, with 19% spending £76 to £100 on everything including Christmas parties, lunches, decorations, gifts and treats.

Geographically, people in Edinburgh are the most festive, with 90% buying a colleague a Secret Santa gift and attending at least one party. Workers in Southampton are the biggest party poopers, with just 51% taking part in Secret Santa and only 64% going to a party, according to the research.