FireAngel has launched what it claims is the UK’s first and only battery-powered natural gas detector.

Although additives, including stench agents, are added to natural gas so that it can be smelled, a concerning proportion of the UK are still unable to identify its presence. Symptoms of dementia, loss of smell as a result of aging, and the inability to be woken by a scent, all inhibit an individual’s ability to successfully identify the presence of natural gas.

To combat this, FireAngel’s alarm features a semi-conductor catalytic sensor that continuously detects combustible gas, while two lithium replacement batteries eliminate the traditional requirement for AC power.

As natural gas becomes dangerous when the concentration is high enough to become explosive, the alarm is specifically designed to trigger when the gas concentration reaches 10% of the lower explosive limit. This is vitally important, as latest research has evidenced that, while sound can disrupt sleep, scents cannot.

James King, Sales Director for FireAngel, said: “With the rate of those living with dementia significantly increasing, combined with the inability to smell Natural Gas during sleep, its vital that we continue to design and manufacture alarms which provide individuals with protection against all potential risks they may face within their own home.

“As the alarm features batteries rather than an AC power source, it’s easier to use and can easily be installed anywhere in a property to provide continuous protection for peace of mind.”

The loud-sounding alarm has been designed to meet B5 EN 50194-I: 2009 Certifications and includes smart test, silence and reset buttons for ease of use.