Construction companies are being encouraged to offer school leavers an apprenticeship as GCSE results day approaches.

The advice comes from workplace audit and contract solutions provider, Hudson Contract, which has teamed up with firms Matthews & Leigh Civil Engineering, and H&L Construction Solutions Ltd to do just that.

Matthews & Leigh in Chorley, and H&L Construction Solutions in West Wycombe, both employed an apprentice 12 months ago with full sponsorship from Hudson Contract through its 20th anniversary scholarship scheme.

Jordan Goulding, 19, studied at Level 2 Apprenticeship in Construction Operations at Preston College and Matthews & Leigh, and is now fully qualified. He has learned crucial skills to further his career in the construction industry, including laying drainage for housing and concreting. Joe Lafbery, 22, is completing an Apprenticeship with H&L Construction Solutions, assisting an experienced carpenter and studying at Oaklands College in St Albans.

Joe said: “I am really enjoying my Apprenticeship. I see no better industry than construction in terms of the different paths it can lead you down; after all, we will never stop building. At a young age, you may not know where to turn career wise, but you cannot go wrong getting into the building game with a trade behind you. I was always told that and I will relay it on to anyone coming of age."

Keith Rea, Construction Training Manager at Matthews & Leigh, said: “Bringing in apprentices is good for the progression of the company. Having young blood and being able to train them how we want to is important in order to build a sustainable company. For apprentices, construction is a great opportunity as it gives them the chance to work as a team and develop new skills and relationships which will help them in future life and building a career for themselves."

David Jackson, Founder and Chairman of Hudson Contract, added: "With a lifetime of working in construction, I remain passionate about championing our industry as a great place to work and doing everything I can to make it a profession of choice for young people today. Apprenticeships are crucial to enticing new talent into the industry because they provide the perfect environment for people to kick-start their careers. The combination of practical guidance and on-the-job training from employers and the skills learned at college, give apprentices a solid foundation for working in the trades. I'd encourage companies across the country to consider hiring an apprentice and young school leavers to look to the industry for their career."

PicturedJordan Goulding (right) shaking hands with Dan Davies, Regional Audit Manager for Hudson Contract