Gas Appliance Spares is urging customers to plan ahead for the upcoming colder months by stocking up on vital gas spare parts.

It won’t be long until homeowners turn their boilers back on to cope with the cooler weather conditions. 21 million households in the UK use gas for heating, hot water and cooking. However, the Gas Safe Register has found that one in six gas appliances are unsafe.

Common causes of unsafe appliances include badly-fitted and poorly-serviced equipment. Another significant factor is gas appliances which have been installed by unregistered gas safe fitters.

Gas appliances which are unsafe can put people at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions. There have been 21 deaths and over 800 gas-related injuries in just the last three years.

Gas Appliance Spares says it is crucial to stock up on spare parts now, to be ready for the inevitable gas emergencies and issues that will occur as systems are switched on and put under stress.

Gas Appliance Manager Ross Graham said: “As summer comes to an end, it provides an appropriate time for installers and engineers to plan ahead for the upcoming busy months of callouts. By being one step ahead, stocking up on spare parts will ensure that you complete jobs efficiently, allowing you to move swiftly onto the next job. It makes business sense to be organised and provide an excellent service to your customers.”