Xylem has moved the manufacture of its Lowara brazed and gasketed plate heat exchangers to its in-house production facility in Axminster, Devon.

With extensive component stock to meet customers' delivery requirements, products built to order and all products tested in-house, the facility will be able to meet customer demand while maintaining the high quality expected from the Lowara brand.

Suitable for residential and light commercial hydronic systems, Lowara brazed plate heat exchangers provide maximum heat dissipation while being compact, lightweight and at a low cost.

The efficient design allows them to provide more heat transfer from less space, making them suited to a variety of installations including radiant floors, domestic hot water and solar heating. In addition, the stainless steel plates are vacuum brazed together to form a durable, integral piece that can withstand high pressures and temperatures.

With a modular design for simple installation and maintenance, the Lowara gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPX) can be used in a variety of applications and installations including district heating and cooling, heat pumps, the food and drink industry and in thermal storage.

The GPX offers superior heat transfer coefficients compared to shell and tube heat exchangers, delivering 'true' countercurrent flow to maximise the mean temperature difference between fluids. In addition, the plate's chevron patterns create metal-to-metal contact points between adjacent plates for added strength, allowing differential pressures equal to the design pressure.

Mark Trevaskis, sales support manager at Xylem, said: "Heat exchangers are integral to the efficiency of a heating system, no matter the size or application, leading to optimum heat and thermal transfer and significant savings for customers. Moving the production of our heat exchangers to our Axminster facility will provide this area of the business with the resources it needs to meet customer demand and consistently deliver high quality, efficient products."

More information on Xylem's Lowara brand products can be found online at www.lowara.co.uk.