BSRIA has responded to the Prime Minister's announcement of an upcoming General Election by saying it hopes the announcement will bring 'much-needed clarity and order'

Subject to Parliamentary approval, the General Election will take place on Thursday 8 June.

Julia Evans, BSRIA chief executive, said: "The specific benefits for the construction industry remain to be seen, but it will allow the most wonderful platform for the Prime Minister to lay out her strategy to the electorate. It will be a strategy that will not be debated in parliament – as it properly should be – but it will be played out at the political hustings in the coming seven weeks.

"There has been much chaos and mixed-messages surrounding Brexit since June last year so we trust this announcement will bring much-needed clarity and order in the Brexit debate and beyond."

Ms Evans said the General Election would demonstrate determination 'to get the job done', before the detailed Brexit talks begin between the European Union and the UK government.

She added: "Industry needs strong leadership to avoid a disruptive cliff-edge. Indeed, as we move forward, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is crucial that the construction industry's voice is heard in the Brexit deliberations. What is evident is that the construction industry is open for business.

"Whoever forms the next government needs to build a robust partnership between industry and government that looks to the future."