Stopcocks Women Plumbers is calling on men and women to join its new franchise scheme, to be launched in January 2017.

The female-led plumbing firm, based in West Yorkshire, is opening up the franchise to skilled and competent male and female plumbers, in keeping with its commitment to make the industry landscape a level one regardless of gender.

“After 26 years in the business I have realised that men CAN make good plumbers after all,” joked founder Hattie Hasan.

When Stopcocks was founded in 1990, its vision was of an industry where both women and men were able to train, gain skills and competence, qualify and work as plumbers and where customers had access to skilled tradespeople they could rely on.

While much is made of the number of girls joining the construction industry, they are still very much in the minority.

“The fact is there still aren’t enough women plumbers,” said Ms Hasan, “and their businesses are mostly too new or too small to take on new plumbers and mentor them.”

However, it’s not only women who contact the company to say they’re sick of being patronised and ripped off, she explained.

“We know there are a few good men providing excellent customer service and this is a fantastic way for them to differentiate themselves from the negative reputation plumbers sometimes have,” said Ms Hasan.

“By joining us as franchisees, these male plumbers will be joining a brand that stands for high levels of technical excellence and exquisite customer service.”

Anyone interested in becoming a Stopcocks plumber is encouraged to email or call 0800 8620010.