The latest from the Fernox R&D team is a chemical water treatment that enhances the performance of any system filter by offering protection against the damage caused by sludge and circulating debris. Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector combines an active dispersant with the proven effectiveness of the inhibitor Fernox Protector F1, which prevents further corrosion and scale formation.

This integrated approach can help reduce installer time spent on-site during the cleaning process and can also prove invaluable for heating systems that need to operate around the clock - by avoiding critical downtime. This product helps to tackle the problems of contaminated, inefficient central heating systems by maximising the performance capability of a system filter. Suitable for all new and existing installations, Filter Fluid+ Protector offers a solution when powerflushing is not practical or possible. For example, for a lightly sludged system, which has previously been pre-commissioned correctly but inhibitor levels have lapsed over time, or when poor system design or low flow rates means thorough cleaning is difficult to achieve.