NICEIC has launched a 'Jobs for the girls' campaign aimed at encouraging more women into the electrical contracting industry.

The association believes women are severely under-represented in most trade professions, many of which are facing huge skills gap shortages.

NICEIC aims to highlight the opportunities available to females within the electrical industry and dispel the myth that trade professions are a viable career path for men only.

Chief executive officer, Emma McCarthy, said: "If we are to plug the skills shortage gap then we can’t afford to dismiss half the working population.

"Consumers sometimes prefer to hire female contractors and our research highlighted that some female homeowners admit to feeling intimidated when having to deal with a male electrician."

As part of its campaign, NICEIC is working on a practical guide to help understand equality issues and give guidance to employers. It is also hoping to recruit more young females to its recently-launched Apprentice Academy.

The academy, run in partnership with Bedford College, aims to provide young students with the necessary training and skills to meet the demanding challenges of the industry.

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