Boiler manufacturer Vokèra has expressed concerns over developments for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Set to launch this year, the RHI will be phased in with a view to clarifying the finer details in 2012.

Vokèra believes “the delay has the potential to create more turbulence for the renewable sector, and may deter installers from exploring the opportunities to work with these low-carbon technologies”.

The company’s commercial and renewables sales manager, Robert Lockhart, said: “The heating industry is facing challenging times with rapidly-changing technologies and legislation.”

Lockhart added: “The delay of this scheme is yet again another blow for manufacturers, installers and homeowners.

“We work closely with our installers and the feedback we receive is that they simply want to start recommending and fitting renewable technologies, and the RHI is going to be an integral part of this happening.”