The nation has voted for the perfect bacon butty recipe, and brown sauce trumps ketchup, according to research by Direct Line for Business.

Britons’ have rated their favourite combination of ingredients to create the ultimate bacon butt as white sliced bread, untoasted, smoked bacon and brown sauce

Interestingly ketchup was rejected as the perfect condiment to accompany bacon. While Jamie Oliver might like to mix brown sauce, ketchup and tabasco to create a gourmet sauce for his perfect bacon butty condiment, the nation disagrees and simple brown sauce is the ticket.

White sliced bread trumps all other options, with 25% of Britons agreeing the perfect butty is made with bacon sandwiched between slices of white sliced bread, while 21% rate a white bap as the best option. Just 6% voted for brown bread as their top option.

The research identifies a clear East-West divide when it comes to ketchup or brown sauce in a butty. Those in the East of England and the patriotic Welsh prefer their butty with tomato ketchup, while those in the West of England go for a brown sauce, such as HP or Daddies.    

Regional preferences for the perfect bacon butty:

  • North West, South West and West Midlands: White sliced bread, untoasted with smoked bacon and brown sauce

  • London and Scotland: White sliced bread, untoasted with unsmoked bacon and brown sauce

  • East, North East and South East: White sliced bread, untoasted with unsmoked bacon and ketchup

  • East Midlands: White bap, untoasted with smoked bacon and ketchup

  • Yorkshire & The Humber and Wales: White bap, untoasted with unsmoked bacon and ketchup

Jazz Gakhal, head of Direct Line for Business commented: “The humble butty inspires passion and debate, and there are those that will always claim bacon needs ketchup, but brown sauce is the collective favourite. Bacon butties have been the staple British breakfast for years, helping fuel the nation as they head to work or wind down on the weekend.” 

While Brits generally prefer their butties unadorned with anything but bacon and sauce, when they do add additional ingredients eggs are the clear winner. The research showed that to get some variety in their butty, bacon butty fans are most likely to create a ‘breggy,’ - a bacon and egg butty.  If Brits are going to change up their butty 31% would add an egg, while 17% would add mushrooms and 14% would layer on cheese. Some of the more unusual butty preferences revealed by the research include adding lightly fried banana and avocado.  

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