Flogas Renewables is set to continue its free information sessions for installers, following the success of two trial days that took place at the company's head offices in Blaby, Leicestershire.

Focused on emerging technologies and changing trends in the Solar PV market, the sessions addressed declining Feed-In Tariff rates while looking at potential solutions.

“Both events were fantastic, very well attended and the feedback was great,” said Flogas Renewables' business development manager David Taylor (pictured). “We work with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and, to that end, we are well placed to advise on emerging products and potential problem solvers such as battery storage options, and software that helps design systems.

“We also took the opportunity to update on our commercial install partner scheme, which allows installers to bid for projects on a larger scale than their credit limit may permit. A protected credit risk is provided by Flogas Renewables.”

The next session will be held on 4 November at the Leicester headquarters.