A competition has been launched offering the plumbing company with the best livery a cash prize and iPad.

Northgate Vehicle Hire has launched a vehicle-branding competition offering £5,000 and an iPad to the plumbing company with the most eye-catching livery.

The company, which works with businesses to customise their vehicles, has decided to reward the most creative liveries, having seen various "eye-catching and wonderful designs on the road".

A spokesperson for the company said: "We want to reward those businesses that have put the effort into capturing the public's attention and have used their vehicle as a marketing tool to promote their business."

Plumbing businesses have until Sunday 12 December to submit pictures categorised into the funniest, most innovative, and best visual design.

Northgate was keen to stress that taking photographs while behind the wheel is dangerous and such entries will not be accepted.

Send your pictures to vanpics@htpr.co.uk or Twitpic @northgateVhire.