As the dark nights creep closer, Calor Gas is running its Rural Fuel Security Fortnight to emphasise the importance of customers' fuel security to installers.

Taking place from Sunday 26 October to Saturday 8 November 2014, the event encourages installers to get on board by sharing their tips for fuel security via the Twitter channel @CalorInstaller.

For a start, Calor advises the following:

  • Fit a level gauge to tanks for alerts about unusual drops in oil level

  • Think about where the oil tank is situated.If possible, re-site to an area where it is more secure or out of sight

  • Install a CCTV system or security lighting around the tank to illuminate any suspicious behaviour

  • Install security fencing or spiked plants around the tank

  • Regularly check tanks for signs of tampering.

“Fuel theft is a major issue in off-grid areas, and those using heating oil will often find themselves targeted,” said Paul Madge of Calor Gas. “Calor wants to use Rural Fuel Security Fortnight as an opportunity to raise awareness of off-grid fuel theft.”

One recommendation for enhanced off-grid fuel security is to convert to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), according to Calor. With heating oil installations, thieves typically target quiet, rural communities, siphoning oil from storage tanks outside people’s homes. This is at a time when many homeowners will refill their storage tanks in preparation for the colder weather, making oil installations especially vulnerable.

Therefore, the company proposes that LPG offers a secure alternative. Highly specialised equipment is required to extract the gas from the tank, the latter of which can also be buried underground, making it harder to locate. In addition, homeowners looking to convert to LPG can receive a free gas connection and above ground tank installation if they switch to Calor LPG before 31 March 2015.

“We understand that homeowners see installers as an integral and trusted source of information, and want to help by providing clear guidance about how LPG can offer a safe and secure alternative,” said Mr Madge.