The Energy & Utilities Alliance has launched its political manifesto for 2015 after meeting with Ed Miliband at the University of Warwick.

The manifesto, “A Prescription for UK energy”, addresses the energy trilemma facing the UK and calls upon whoever forms the next government to invest to achieve improved security of supply; improve energy efficiency to reduce emissions and curb fuel bills and to recognise the role of energy in people’s health and well-being.

Mike Foster, chief executive officer of EUA said: “It is important for our members that their concerns are heard at the highest levels among decision-makers. With Mr Miliband’s visit to nearby Warwick University, we took the opportunity to present our manifesto to him.”

“The UK is facing an energy crisis and we recognise the fact that every political party needs to find solutions to our energy sustainability, affordability and security issues. Having access to someone who in less than six months time could be the Prime Minister, is what our members want from us.”

“Our manifesto covers 21 specific asks of any future government, and EUA’s staff will be lobbying all parties over the weeks and months ahead. With a membership of 250 companies we are in a strong position to help any incoming government, regardless of political colour, to deliver an energy strategy that will work for us all.”

Picture caption: EUA's external affairs manager Isaac Occhipinti meets Labour leader Ed Milliband