SummitSkills has announced a Joint Investment Programme to help deliver environmental technology training.

The Joint Investment Programme brings together public and private investment to support skills development in areas key to economic recovery and future growth. It offers ring-fenced funding to buy the skills employers need, with the provider they choose.

As a result, SummitSkills said over 130 businesses in the sector will benefit from 50% funding of the cost of identified environmental technologies training that takes place before 31 July 2011. 

Employers will be given an upfront commitment of funding to match their own investment, supporting the specific skills needs of their workforce.  

"The joint investment announced today between government and business shows that we are working together to develop and deliver the skills needed in areas such as advanced manufacturing and the low carbon economy.  

"This is also an excellent example of employers committing to Apprenticeships at Levels 3 and 4 as a way to create and train the modern workforce.”