Oil tanks with a storage capacity of 3,500 litres or less now require bunding thanks to changes to Building Regulation Part J.

Titan Environmental is advising oil tank installers to ensure they are ready to comply with changes to Building Regulation Part J.

SPZs cover 2,000 groundwater sources including wells, boreholes and springs used for public drinking water supply. The zones have been delimitated by the Environment Agency according to the risk of contamination - the closer the activity to the water sources, the greater the risk.

"It is extremely important that all oil tank installations comply with the changes to the Building Regulations Part J in order to avoid polluting drinking water," according to Tony Soper, Kingspan Environmental's GB sales director. "Installing a Titan EcoSafe tank in an SPZ will protect the water source and provide peace of mind for the installer and property owner."

In common with other fuel storage systems, oil storage tanks should only be installed by a suitably qualified engineer with OFTEC registration or equivalent.