CIPHE has joined E.ON to offer free E.ON Showersave water-saving devices to CIPHE-registered plumbers and Registered Heating Professionals.

From 1 September, plumbing and heating professionals registered with CIPHE can order free E.ON ShowerSave devices by completing and returning an order form which is available online from the CIPHE website, or by calling the Institute on 01708 463110 during office hours.

The flow-regulating device reduces water wastage by creating a constant water flow of 7.6 litres/min, irrespective of changes in water pressure. It is easy to fit and carries a 15-year warranty.

Each E.ON ShowerSave device comes with a CIPHE information leaflet and a measuring bag to enable plumbing and heating professionals – or the homeowner – to test the current shower flow rate. If, after measuring the flow, the water level is above the line on the measuring bag, the customer would benefit from fitting an E.ON ShowerSave. The ShowerSave is not suitable for use with electric or multiple head showers.

Installers who order these devices will then be able to offer their customers a free E.ON ShowerSave survey and fitting service. This is a very quick installation for a professional and CIPHE believes it will show the customer that a Registered Professional offers a better quality of service than an amateur.

Registered professionals who fit 200 devices before the end of March 2011 will have their 2011 membership of the CIPHE paid for by E.ON. Those who fit less than 200 will get a discount off their membership. Anyone who fits more than 200 will get the year’s membership paid as well as a discount on the following year.

Blane Judd, chief executive of CIPHE, said: “Plumbing and heating professionals should be the first point of call for customers looking to save the environment and save money. Not only will customers get a free E.ON ShowerSave device that will save them water and money but they will begin to understand that qualified plumbing and heating professionals provide a high quality service and have a bigger part to play in helping to make their homes more energy efficient. We look forward to working with more organisations who are looking to help the consumer and the environment through quality products installed by professional people."