Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury opened Plumb Center's Practical Installer Arena at Ecobuild by saying that, despite the slow uptake, the Green Deal "shouldn't be a hard sell".

The benefits of energy efficient home improvements are clear she said, yet recent research from Plumb Center shows only 28% of the public are willing to make improvements through Green Deal finance.

Recognising that installers are on the front line when it comes to selling these benefits, Ms Bradbury said more needs to be done to support SME’s, and commended the work of companies like Plumb Center that are already taking this initiative.

“The nation’s army of more than 120,000 installers is the key to convincing consumers that energy efficient technologies don’t have to cost the earth, but could save a fortune,” she said.

Plumb Center’s renewables director Simon Allan agreed: “Installers are the key to winning hearts and minds, and we’re determined to give them the tools through our expertise and training, so they can help deliver a more energy efficient nation.”

Ms Bradbury also called for industry, government and local authorities to work together to improve advertising campaigns, to ensure consumers know what’s available and take advantage of it.

Soon to start a new “passion project” on ITV about how Britain’s landscape and architecture has framed its history, Ms Bradbury is currently renovating a London home using a full range of technologies, including a heat pump, double insulation and rainwater harvesting.

“We’re really trying to keep our running costs low for the future,” she said. “That’s why we’re investing in energy and water efficiency now. We must all communicate the benefits of energy efficiency to people around the country.”