An independent survey reveals that the majority of homeowners are motivated to improve their home by personal enjoyment, rather than the financial incentive of increasing the value of their property.

The study conducted by London home extension builders Simply Extend found that, of those who owned their own home, around 65% said the most important factor when it came to making the decision to modify their home would be the personal enjoyment of themselves and their families.

Just under 14% of participants said that increasing the value of their home in order to prompt a sale would be the main reason for them to improve or modify their property.

When asked what was putting them off making improvements to their home, 77% of respondents claimed it was too expensive.

Although homeowners may have been put off making modifications to their home due to financial implications, it does not stop them from thinking about what they'd like to add to their property. If money were no object, the most popular home improvement is a house extension, while just under 30% said the thing they would most like to change about their home is their kitchen.

Robert Wood, director of Simply Extend, said: "In an age where the focus has always been to add value to a property, it's pleasing to see that people are prioritising the enjoyment that having an extension brings.