All gas boosters must be inspected at least once a year and the fan bearing replaced every five years, according to burner manufacturer and spares supplier Nu-way.

Trading director Rick Crees (pictured) said: “Our service engineers are finding gas boosters which have not been installed or maintained in accordance with legislation. This is very bad news - it can lead to the failure of the bearing and fan units, and potentially an explosion.”

Nu-way has said that the fan bearing and gas and drive seals are vital to a gas booster’s safe operation; they need to be replaced at least every five years, irrespective of whether or not they are damaged, to ensure the safe and efficient running of gas boosters.

The company has warned that an increase in operational noise is one symptom of a damaged fan bearing – although not experiencing this does not mean a gas booster doesn’t need servicing. An annual inspection will ensure safety; if there is any damage to parts then they need to be replaced immediately.

Nu-way’s recent move to new premises in Droitwich has given it the opportunity to further increase its stock of spares, making it perfectly placed to provide the necessary replacement parts for gas boosters.