A new UK-based - but global - HVAC supply company has been launched.

Headquartered in Surrey, the firm will be known as WISEHVAC and will supply products to fit most niches in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning marketplaces.

A group of industry stalwarts with different specialisms is backing the new venture, which will be fronted by managing director David Brown Jr and sales director Tony Fletcher. A comprehensive range of literature and a website are ready to accompany the launch.

The company has designed and manufactured a number of WISEHVAC branded products and systems, but will also be an agent for other manufacturers’ equipment such as Lennox chillers, as well as a range of Italian fan coil products sold under the WISEHVAC brand name.

The company’s ‘heating from waste water’ system has already won the 2013 Aqualia Award for Innovation at the WEX Global Technology Exhibition, when previewed earlier this year. Another product which has not been seen in the UK before is a heat storage tank and integral heat exchange module, for use with ‘alternative’ heat sources that can actually be fitted into stud partition walls – freeing up usable space for offices, hotels or on residential projects.

The WISEHVAC catalogue also contains ventilation products for hotels and commercial kitchens, as well as remote control and monitoring systems for guest bedrooms and office applications.

Brown Jr, who has over 20 years in the HVAC contracting business behind him, said: “the time is ripe for an exciting new project. We have looked at the type of the equipment needed today and have balanced innovation with the essential basic supplies that everyone needs. It is an attractive mix and I know people will find us very nice people to do business with.”