Tomorrow (6 April), employers will be required to change the way they report payroll to the HMRC with the introduction of Real-Time PAYE. Intuit has worked closely with HMRC throughout the pilot phase.

Intuit senior payroll manager Lisa Turner commented: "The introduction of Real-Time PAYE will affect almost every employer in the country, regardless of the company’s sector or size.

“My one piece of advice to them would be to keep calm and carry on – but make sure you've got the correct processes in place in good time. You have time to get used to the new system and there is a lot of free support out there, from HMRC to software providers that can advise employers on how to make the change as pain-free as possible.

"The new Real-Time system will not only simplify the process long-term and enable a speedy correction to any PAYE errors but it will also support the introduction of universal tax credits. For employers, there isn't a great difference to the data they need to submit, but it is important for that data to be accurate. The real benefit is that the new submission process supports best practice, in terms of keeping your employee information up to date so ultimately it will help you stay organised all year round."

Intuit has also recently created a light-hearted rap about the changeover, which you can watch here.