All registrants on the new Electrical Safety Register are to receive free training as more details of the partnership between the Electrical Contractors' Association and Electrical Safety Council are revealed.

In November last year the two organisations announced they were forming a new venture CertSure. As part of that move CertSure set up the Electrical Safety Register, a searchable website containing the details of more than 36 000 NICEIC, ELECSA and ECA members.

The partnership has now announced that all registrants will be offered free access to online training in renewable technologies.

“Our customers have always been at the heart of this partnership and when we launched we said there would be benefits for everyone,” said Emma Clancy, chief executive officer of CertSure.

The qualification in environmental technologies will provide contractors with a basic knowledge in the fundamental working practices, installation options and regulatory requirements for micro-renewable energy and water conservation technologies.

“As the UK strives to achieve ambitious targets for carbon reduction, the electrical industry finds itself in a leading position to take advantage of the opportunities that the drive for carbon reduction brings. Those contractors who are willing to develop and learn new skills will grow and thrive,” Emma added.

The training will be web based and will be rolled out to all Electrical Safety Register registrants from 1 April when CertSure is officially launched.

For more information, visit the Electrical Safety Register website.