Pegler Yorkshire are taking their Tectite push fittings on tour, as they trial a new scheme which aims to challenge people's perceptions of metal push fit, and let them know that there is another way.

The Tectite van has visited several cities in the North over the last two weeks, giving installers the opportunity to ask questions, watch demonstrations, and try it for themselves.

The trial, part of a longer-term project which will see the van tour the rest of the UK during 2013, has been visited by over 100 installers so far.

The tour will work along side merchants and specifiers to showcase the Tectite range, and installers who attend will have the chance to enter the Tectite strength and speed competitions.

Manned by two industry experts, specialising in both commercial and domestic applications, the tour hopes to reassure installers that metal push-fit is a suitable solution, giving the strength and performance of metal with the convenience and efficiency of push fit.

Phill Jackson, Pegler Yorkshire’s marketing & business development director, said: “As an installer, it’s actually your reputation you’re installing each time so you want to be sure you can rely on these things. That’s really why we want to take the product to people, we’re trying to demonstrate how the product really does perform, even against press fittings.”

The Tectite Tour schedule for 2013 will be available online in the New Year.