Worcester, Bosch Group has welcomed the news that DECC is to bring forward to launch of the Green Deal cashback scheme for boiler replacements to the second week in January.


The Department of Energy & Climate Change's decision to bring forward the launch of its Green Deal Cashback Scheme to the second week of January, from its original date of 28 January,  has been welcomed by boiler manufacturer Worcester, Bosch Group.

Neil Schofield, Worcester, Bosch Group's head of external and government affairs, has been lobbying government over its scheduling of the boiler cashback scheme on behalf of the Heating & Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC).

He said: "The decision to bring forward the availability of cashback for boiler replacements is certainly a welcome one, as it brings some much needed stability to the industry. We were extremely pleased to see DECC integrate boiler replacements within the Green Deal back in October, but were alarmed to hear that the cashback scheme would not launch until the end of January.

"There was concern that, with the financial incentive not being available until some three months after its original announcement, boiler sales would suffer as a result of those delaying replacements in the meantime. With the Green Deal regarded as 'the only show in town' for the heating industry at present, there is a massive opportunity to make it a success. An additional three weeks of subsidised boiler sales in January is likely to stimulate demand for insulation and get the Green Deal off to the flying start that was intended.

"We are extremely pleased that DECC has taken action following feedback from the heating industry and look forward to engaging with installers nationwide ensure there are enough accredited professionals to make the Green Deal a success."

Householders can receive £310 cashback for upgrading a non-condensing oil heating boiler to a condensing version, and £270 for upgrading a non-condensing gas boiler to a condensing model.

Cashback is also available for installing other energy-saving measures, including loft insulation (£100), cavity wall insulation (£250), and certain heating controls (£70).

Householders who wish to access the cashback must arrange for a Green Deal assessment to be carried out on their property, get quotes from a Green Deal Provider, and apply for a cashback voucher. They can fund the upgrade by accessing Green Deal finance if they wish, but this is not necessary to receive the Cashback.

The work must be completed within three months, or six months for solid wall insulation.