Research carried out on behalf of Myson by pollsters ICM has shown that 72% of people feel they do not have enough space in their kitchens to meet their needs.

The response to the poll shows that homeowners crave more space for such things as work surfaces (37%), storage (36%), luxury appliances (22%), dining area or breakfast bar (21%).

These results, the company says, indicate a strong market for manufacturers and installers to offer heating products which consume no space, such as Myson’s Kickspace.

Andrew Lowery, product manager for Myson Fan Convectors, said: "The continued popularity of our Kickspace plinth heater, more than 30 years after it was launched, is an indicator of the desire of homeowners to free up space in the kitchen, and the results of this survey back that up.

"With the abundance of cooking programmes on TV and a growing number of celebrity recipe books on the market, the kitchen is once more at the heart of the modern home and people find they need more space to indulge their culinary side.

"The fact that more than 20% said they would like to be able to find space for luxury appliances shows a greater desire for people to make their kitchens a key part of their homes."

Lowery continued: "One way to create the extra space would be to install a space-saving product, such as Myson’s Kickspace, which sits in the plinth at the bottom of kitchen units. This would free up wall space and the area in front of it to put in more storage space and extra work surfaces, or even luxury appliances without losing comfort."

The results of the survey showed that the 25 to 44 age group (21%) were most eager to create more space, with 40% of the 65+ bracket content with the room available. Meanwhile, while only 25% of women were happy with the space in their kitchen, 31% of men felt the same way.