A new register of trained installers has been launched by the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies (NSAET), which aims to give local authorities and householders confidence when selecting a renewables tradesperson in their area.

Installers who train with the Skills Academy are eligible to join the register, and can promote their accredited skills and qualifications to gain new customers and subcontract work.

NSAET said that, for consumers, selecting a tradesperson from the register provides peace of mind that their local installer has been trained to industry-recognised standards and meets the practical competence required by initiatives such as Green Deal.

Installers also get access to marketing support such as a free van sticker, hi-visibility vest, advice booklet for customers, promotional leaflet and a special Trained Installer National Skills Academy logo to use on vans, workwear and business cards.

Speaking at the launch of the register, NSAET executive director Cathryn Hickey outlined the importance of the register in a time when consumer confidence in renewables is vital. "We believe that what will underpin consumer confidence is for individual installers – rather than an overarching company – to be recognised as having the appropriate skills and knowledge to undertake the installation and commissioning of the relevant technology. The register acts as a point of reference for end users to ensure that their tradesperson has been trained to the industry standard. For installers, being on the register can provide a clear business opportunity, giving them the edge over local competition."

Work is now taking place with organisations such as local authorities and consumer bodies to promote the register as a tool for homeowners and other specifiers to use when searching for local renewables installers.

For more information visit www.nsaregister.org.uk or call 01908 303971.

Pictured: NSAET executive director Cathryn Hickey