Alpha responds to low boiler sales figures by encouraging installers to focus on upselling ancillary products.

John Binney, of Alpha Heating Innovation, believes pushing sales of products such as controls and weather compensation is key during continuing tough market conditions.

“The recent announcement by the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, confirmed what we as manufacturers already knew – trading conditions are tough and there is no projected upward swing on the horizon,” said Binney.

“As such, Alpha is encouraging and working with installers to ensure they make the most of their opportunities to upsell products to push higher value orders.

“For example, ancillary products such as controls, weather compensation, or the addition of our PremierPack, which adds an extra two years on to the standard boiler warranty, all present installers with the chance to improve their orders and maximise selling opportunities. It gives them the edge over competitors who may only offer the basics, whilst offering the customer products that can really make a positive difference to both their energy bills and their carbon emissions.