In an open letter, John Colling of MARC Group explains why he believes the Green Deal is not in the public interest.

Some 70% of the UK housing stock of 2050 is already in place, meaning that the greatest opportunity for improving the eco standards of this country's homes lies in retrofitting these existing properties.

While the measures covered by the Green Deal can all play a part in making a home greener, the programme ignores the fact that radiators are already in place in 23.6 million UK homes and are easily replaceable when they reach the end of their lifespan, which is usually in excess of 30 years.

There is a school of thought that radiators aren't suitably 'green' products. However, research conducted by leading heating experts and academics on the continent have dispelled this myth, showing that steel panel products can be as, if not more, efficient than other emitters when used with low water temperatures.

Radiators cost tens, rather than hundreds or thousands of pounds to purchase and are being installed easily as like-for-like replacements to the existing 190 million products already in place.

When an option such as this is available, making it possible for homeowners to make positive environmental improvements for less money and with less disruption to their homes and lives, it seems ill-advised of those leading the Green Deal to have ignored it.

The Manufacturers' Association of Radiators and Convectors represents more than 90% of the UK market and includes companies which manufacture all heating emitter product types.