Xylem has updated its Lowara brand ecocirc BASIC and PREMIUM residential circulators.

Suitable for HVAC and domestic applications, the pumps have been fitted with an improved cast iron pump housing, which, thanks to the cataphoresis coating, is fully resistant against corrosion. The new housing improves reliability, efficiency and performance, according to the company.

Designed with a spherical rotor, the ecocirc BASIC and PREMIUM pumps have only one single bearing and are shaftless, operating efficiently and quietly. The ECM technology, combined with the permanent magnet rotor, also works to reduce electricity usage and water consumption, as well as further increasing the pumps operating life.

Both ecocirc BASIC and PREMIUM come fitted with an internal temperature sensor as standard, measuring the electronic component temperature directly. If overheating occurs, the pump reduces speed accordingly, and will only resume when adequate cooling levels have been met.

Thanks to the patented anti-block technology, the pumps are also protected from blockages caused by magnetite and sludge. The magnetic chamber can be separated from the flow if the rotor gets blocked, while emergency software vibrates the rotor prevent further build-up.

For ease of installation a universal plug is provided, meaning not only can the pumps be integrated into any heating system, no tools are required for assembly. Operators using the ecocirc PREMIUM also benefit from the ability to fix the pump into any position by turning the stator via the screw ring, making installations simple even in the most restricted environments.

Controlled with one switch, the ecocirc BASIC has two control options: stepless fixed speed; and automatic proportional pressure control. Operators can also quickly purge the pump of air, removing it from the inner of the pump, by turning the switch towards the air purge symbol for more than five seconds.

In addition, the ecocirc PREMIUM offers automatic constant pressure control, which is best suited to underfloor heating applications. Thanks to the installation of a digital Multi-Display, users of the ecorcirc PREMIUM benefit from further monitoring capabilities, with the display highlighting power consumption, pump head, and flow rate, as well as flagging errors and warning messages to give users total transparency over their pump's performance.

Paul Winnett, General Manager Speciality Industries at Xylem, commented: "At Xylem we're constantly looking for ways to improve our product range to ensure we’re are offering our customer the best in terms of quality, functionality and potential savings.

"We recognised that updating the housing offered us the opportunity to improve these pumps even further and, with quick payback periods, increased savings and optimised performance, we look forward to hearing our customers' feedback on the new and improved ecocirc BASIC and PREMIUM range."

More information can be found online at www.lowara.co.uk