Accurate, efficient controls save users money, energy, and CO2 emissions, while bank-level encryption keeps data private. Even if the internet drops out on the coldest day of the year, WundaSmart will keep running and retain full accessibility, offering a completely unique alternative to the smart home heating category.

WundaSmart is the first smart heating control system from Wunda to launch to market and it already has the coveted Good Housekeeping Institute Approved accreditation. 

Unlike some smart heating systems, WundaSmart, which is controlled by app, voice, or simple control panels, uses wireless thermostats positioned away from the radiators, and additional temperature sensors built into the radiator heads. Together, both devices measure room temperature more accurately (within 0.2°C) as well as humidity. 'Adaptive Start' mode even learns how long it takes rooms to warm up.

There are two thermostat designs: a simple, tamper-proof one that can be hidden, and the WundaSmart Screen Thermostat with E Ink display and heating controls.

WundaSmart uses a low energy seeker signal RF (Radio Frequency) system to link devices, rather than the more commonly used Zigbee or Z-Wave system that can lead to range issues. Wunda’s RF means a longer range with no need for RF signal repeaters, better battery life, and the option to cover up to 30 rooms and 50 radiators; more than any other smart heating control system.

Usage data and settings are safely stored in the HubSwitch (the central control unit) rather than relying exclusively on cloud storage. Uniquely, this means that even when the Wi-Fi goes down, customers are still able to control the system via LAN (Local Area Network). WundaSmart stays fully functional and accessible via either its hardware, or the app. This is also why the system is ‘snoop free’. The data is decentralised, and there is no online database recording every action.

Room temperatures are controlled and scheduled via app and can be zoned. The app is easy to use and uniquely allows to set three favourite room temperatures. 

The system can also be voice-activated using Amazon Alexa or Google Home. it is even possible to use “geo-fencing” on a room by room, user by user basis, which triggers the heating based on smartphone location.

WundaSmart also modulates; adjusting and optimising the heating use depending on weather conditions to keep energy bills low.

WundaSmart is compatible with any water-based heating system, and can control radiators, water-based underfloor heating, and even hot water storage tanks. 

As with most other smart systems, WundaSmart installation can be carried out by a competent and DIY-savvy consumer in certain cases. However, Wunda recommend the main component - the HubSwitch - is connected to the heat source by a certified heating engineer to avoid any complications.

Installation is quick and painless, typically taking less than two hours. The HubSwitch can be retrofitted to the boiler controls. WundaSmart smart radiator heads work on 90% of UK radiators and fit most others with an adaptor.

The WundaSmart Starter Kit (£199.99) contains a WundaSmart HubSwitch and WundaSmart Screen Thermostat. Smart radiator heads can be added from £48 for one or £246 for 6 (£41 each), and individual room thermostats from £40 or £198 for 6 (£33 each). Typically, a full system for a house with eight radiators and thermostats costs £729, and savings on bills are soon noticeable.

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