The Clean Heat Cashback Pledge will be introduced alongside the implementation of the government’s proposed Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM), which will impose fines on boiler manufacturers based on their boiler sales to encourage the adoption of heat pumps. If the CHMM is introduced into law as set out in current government proposals, from 1 April 2024 Worcester Bosch will be offering cashback to consumers who choose to invest in a Bosch heat pump or hybrid system, as well as additional cashback to installers.

Worcester Bosch’s Clean Heat Cashback Pledge would mean homeowners and landlords who complete a CHMM qualifying installation and choose a Bosch heat pump on or after 1 April 2024 will be able to claim £2,500 cashback, while those opting for a Bosch hybrid system will be able to claim £1,000. The Pledge will be open to qualifying installations until 31 March 2025.

Worcester Bosch intends to use any money received from the linked CHMM levy we have added to boiler sales to encourage and promote customers to replace their traditional heating systems with a Bosch heat pump. The Clean Heat Cashback Pledge will be over and above the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme Grants (worth up to £7,500) available on heat pumps. The company says installers will also benefit from the Pledge, receiving cashback of £500 on each qualifying heat pump or hybrid installation to support their important role.

The government has not yet confirmed when or how CHMM will be implemented into law. Final details of Worcester Bosch’s Clean Heat Cashback Pledge will be confirmed subject to and pending the implementation of the CHMM by the government. In the event the CHMM fines payable by manufacturers are reduced under the Government’s final implemented legislation, cashback amounts available under Worcester Bosch’s Clean Heat Cashback Pledge will be subject to a proportionate reduction. The Clean Heat Cashback Pledge will not be available in the event CHMM fines do not apply to Worcester Bosch, or if the government does not implement CHMM into law.

Carl Arntzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch said: “The start of 2024 is not just a fresh start, it also means that the UK is one step closer to its net-zero 2050 target. If we are to succeed, then lower carbon heating technology – including heat pumps – needs to be more accessible to consumers. By our company giving up to a total of £3,000 Clean Heat Cashback on qualifying installations to support consumers and installers, we hope that more households will view heat pumps as a viable alternative to their current heating systems, as well as future-proofing their homes for lower carbon heat. 

"We believe that this kind of incentive is exactly what the boiler levy arising from the Clean Heat Market Mechanism should be used for.” 

The Clean Heat Cashback Pledge will be subject to eligibility requirements and full terms and conditions that will be published by Worcester Bosch, pending final details of CHMM being confirmed by the government. The Clean Heat Cashback Pledge is not yet open. For more information and to pre-register interest in the Pledge, visit: