Liam Gibson, Head of Marketing at Plumbase, explains why it’s important that installers, merchants, and suppliers, continue to link up and work collaboratively to remain up to date with the latest issues and innovations within the sector.

Installers should consider any merchant as an extension of their business, just as a good merchant sees its suppliers as an extension of theirs. While it’s really important for us to have strong one-to-one relationships with our customers and suppliers, we think it’s equally important that installers benefit from these bonds too.

Keeping up to date with the latest industry challenges and changes is crucial if installers and suppliers are to stay ahead of the game, and the best way to do this is by talking to one another.

Installers are out in the field listening to customer issues and providing hands-on solutions. It’s therefore important that this information is fed back to the supplier so they can take it on board and incorporate it into the design of any new products.

Simply put, by having access to merchants and suppliers, it’s another way to ensure you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to meet ever-changing demand.

The more regularly you speak to merchants and suppliers, the more likely you are to benefit and merchants like Plumbase can facilitate this in a number of ways. For example, suppliers regularly host training days so installers can get to grips with the latest products. Merchants can help facilitate this to ensure staff are trained according to manufacturer requirements, enabling them to advise on industry challenges.

Merchants can also make installers aware of any new products from industry-leading brands, not to mention providing access to exclusive promotions or discounts either instore of online, bringing benefits to both the installer and the supplier.

One of the best ways to bring these roles together is by attending industry events, whether they are led by events companies, suppliers, merchants, or trade bodies.

First and foremost, you’re bound to see a familiar face but, if not, you have the opportunity to chat to like-minded people in an informal setting, all while enjoying a bit of time away from your day-to-day work.

Events also give customers the opportunity to engage with reputable suppliers and become aware of the most up to date industry developments first-hand, enabling them to always offer the most suitable product for their customer’s unique demands. However, events should have some informal elements that helps break the ice and allow installers to enjoy themselves as striking a balance between work and play is also crucial.

Plumbase is holding a series of Super8 events for installers this month, head to to find out more.