To give an insight into how water fittings are tested, The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) has shared a behind the scenes video detailing some of the intensive tests a tap goes through to ensure it complies with the relevant standards, before it can be granted Approved Product status.

The two-minute video illustrates tests such as:

  • Turning the tap headwork on and off, 200,000 times, to replicate its lifecycle and ensure longevity
  • Testing the swivel mechanism, under an 80,000-cycle endurance, to ensure it can withstand the expected usage
  • Testing the taste and odour of water put into contact with non-metallic materials, to monitor any unusual results
  • Testing for enhanced microbial growth, to ensure the materials are reacting as expected.

Julie Spinks, Managing Director of WRAS, said: “We’ve created this video to provide an insight into the testing a water fitting goes through in order to gain approval. These tests aren’t widely known, so we’re keen to highlight to manufacturers, plumbers and consumers, the strenuous and thorough tests undertaken to ensure water products comply with the water fittings regulations. These regulations aim to prevent water contamination and waste.”