The air curtain market has changed once again with the release of the long-awaited industrial air curtain WING PRO EC from VTS.

The WING air curtain premiered five years ago and now VTS' curtain can be found in most of gas stations, grocery stores, shopping malls, and other huge projects.

For some time, VTS clients have signalled the need to extend the offer with curtains with greater power and range.

“Industrial air curtains constitute a large part of the market, and the WING curtain, with a range of up to 4m, satisfied only part of its demand,” explained Marian Baran, EH Business Development Manager at VTS. “Responding our customers' needs, as a supplement to the VTS offer, at the beginning of March we are introducing a device for special tasks - the WING PRO industrial air curtain.”

WING PRO – curtain for special tasks

The WING PRO line consists of three basic types: WING PRO C – ambient curtain, without heating function, with a range of up to 8m, and WING PRO W R1 and W R2 with a single or double-row water heating coil with a maximum range of 7.5m and 7m, respectively.

The WING PRO curtain provides adequate protection against heat loss when opening the gate in logistic centers, factories, or transportation depots. WING PRO protects gates up to 8m. Thanks to the possibility of vertical installation, the curtain performs effectively in gates up to 16m wide. Importantly, VTS provides assembly elements for joining the curtains into modules mounted both ways – vertically or horizontally.

VOLCANO fans and double air stream

The heart of WING PRO is a set of efficient fans well known from VOLCANO heating units. The air is compressed by two or three fan sets and heated by a single or double-row water coil. Two rows of exhaust grilles gently directed towards each other create a wide and strong air stream that effectively protects the building against heat loss when the gate is open at a distance of up to 8m.

Energy-efficient EC technology at an unbeatable price

At VTS, economical thinking is most important. The industrial WING PRO curtain is a technological alternative with a competitive price.

Marian concluded: “A well thought-out selection of components, the use of fans sets from VOLCANO heaters, and proven solutions allow VTS to offer a curtain with a durable, energy-saving motor at a better price then our competitors offers for previous generation motored units. In short, WING PRO is currently the best offer on the market.”

The WING PRO curtains with EC motors launched on 1 March. There are plans introduce the curtains with an AC motor, and VTS will update the industry regarding this in the future.

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