Following the recent launch of its evolve range of energy efficient boilers, Vokèra has expanded the product family further with the addition of a 42kW combi version.

The new boiler means the addition to the range of a high output model with a DHW flow rate of 17.2l/min at 35°C temperature rise.

“At Vokèra, we have always prided ourselves on offering our installer customers exactly what they need,”said Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra.

“By incorporating a 42kW model into the evolve range, it means installers have access to high output, high performing boiler that offers an exceptional flow rate. Since its launch, evolve has been impressing and exciting our customers and by adding to the range we feel this enthusiasm for the products will continue.”

The entire evolve range is A-rated and models feature a space heating efficiency of 94% under the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive. By adding Vokèra’s BeSMART internet-connected thermostat to the system with weather compensation enabled, the evolve range offers the potential to become an A+ heating package under ErP.

As the OpenTherm protocol is embedded in the evolve range, BeSMART will act as a Class VI control, improving the heating system efficiency by 4%. Vokèra has also included an efficiency indicator on all evolve boilers for homeowners. This visual scrolling banner displays 'High' or 'Optimal' efficiency, according to the return temperature.

The evolve combi boilers have a ‘comparative hot water efficiency’ of 77% under the UK Building Regulations’ Standard Assessment Procedure, making hot water production highly efficient and an attractive option for new build projects. These combi boilers will also condense in domestic hot water mode thanks to a next generation plate heat exchanger and offer class leading domestic hot water flow rates.

At the heart of evolve is the REC10 liquid crystal display user interface. The full text menu-driven control enables both the installer and end user to quickly navigate through evolve’s parameters and settings, including programming the heating on and off times as desired. The display will also provide installers with excellent diagnostics.

A reduced height flue bend and a rear flue option offer time and space-saving advantages, while a pre-fixing jig is supplied as standard with a built-in filling loop. The 24C and 28C combi boiler models and 18S and 24S system boiler models all have a small footprint with a shallow depth of 275mm, making them perfect for compact spaces such as kitchen cupboards.

The evolve also offers many installer-friendly features such as an embedded time clock, integral frost protection, concealed service valves and pump kick function. The evolve range can also be adjusted to operate with either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas with no extra kit needed.

As an added safety feature, the boilers incorporate a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, which monitors the level of CO and will shut off the boiler if excessive CO is emitted.

The boilers also have active combustion control so they can adapt to the air/gas mix according to the gas quality available. The pressure transducer enables system pressure to be displayed electronically via the display and also monitored remotely via BeSMART.

For complete peace of mind, all evolve range boilers have a standard seven-year warranty. A 10-year warranty is offered on evolve boilers installed with Vokèra BeSMART and registered via the Vokèra Affinity loyalty and reward programme.