Viessmann is introducing what it claims is the UK’s lowest output system boiler as part of its new Vitodens 200 domestic boiler range.

The new 11kW Vitodens 200-W responds to demand from installers for system boilers that closely match the heat demand of the majority of modest-sized, well-insulated homes.

“Not many homes have a heat load of more than 10kW, yet most system boiler ranges start at an output of around 19kW. This means that the majority of system boilers in the UK are oversized,” explains Viessmann Marketing Director, Darren McMahon.

“Homeowners are buying larger boilers than they need and once installed, the boiler cycles more than it needs to, increasing running costs and wear and tear. A correctly-sized boiler will be more efficient and last longer.

“The Vitodens 200-W 11kW model means installers no longer have to ‘range rate’ larger boilers. System boilers can now be fitted where heat-only models may have been chosen previously. The boiler has a higher heat output rating of 17kW for the generation of hot water, so there is no trade-off between space and DHW heat.”

The Viessmann Vitodens 200 gas-condensing boilers are arriving in UK merchants this month. They are available as a wall-hung boiler (Vitodens 200-W) and floor-standing storage boiler (Vitodens 222-F), with outputs from 11kW to 60kW.