Viessmann has introduced a new compact commercial boiler, the Vitocrossal 100, specifically designed for buildings such as offices and schools where plant-room space may be limited.

The boiler has a small footprint thanks to its new stainless steel heat exchanger, and features Lambda Pro technology for optimum performance and efficiency, says the company.

It sits inside a new-design casing, which measures 680mm in width and 1,459mm in height, with length varying according to output – from 660mm to 1,010mm. Meanwhile, the Inox-Crossal heat exchanger has been assembled in layered chambers, making it possible to combine compact dimensions and a light weight with high-performance and efficiency, says Viessmann.

There’s a choice of seven models, ranging from 80kW to 320kW, as well as the option of a twin cascade within a single casing for up to 640kW. This range is particularly suitable for use in schools, and the option of two boilers in one casing means that heat supply to classrooms or offices can continue uninterrupted when one boiler is offline for maintenance.

As a floor-standing rather than wall-hung boiler, its flow temperature is not restricted to 75°C to 80°C, which is another potential advantage for schools where the existing heating system requires a high-flow temperature.

With its high-volume heat exchanger, the boiler has a maximum flow temperature of 95°C and maximum operating pressure of 6 bar. Its modulation range of up to 1:5 helps guarantee a long burner run-time and economical energy consumption, with an efficiency of 109% (98.2% gross).

As standard, it delivers the benefits of a high water content boiler with no minimum flow rate requirement, no boiler pump requirement and, subsequently, can deliver savings on electrical running costs. Though pre-wired and pre-assembled, like wall-hung boilers, it also has three wheels that allow it to be pushed into position without lifting the boiler or scraping the floor.

According to Viessmann, commissioning is also simple, using the Vitotronic controller with commissioning assistant and integrated Lambda Pro combustion controller. In addition, with the optional Vitoconnect 100 WiFi module, servicing is made easier using a wireless operating system for Vitosoft connection, and the boiler can also be controlled over the internet.

Jonathan Grist, Viessmann Commercial Sales Director, said: “The new Vitocrossal 100 offers a solution to the problem of modernising plant rooms with difficult access, a small floor area, or low ceiling height. Many schools, for example, have old atmospheric boilers where it was previously hard to retrofit a condensing boiler in the same space, but this compact technology now makes this possible.”