Adding to its selection of flush plate designs, Viega has launched a matt black finish for four of the WC flush plates from the Visign for Style range, offering a clean, minimalistic vision for any bathroom.

Viega’s Visign for Style flush plate range features the latest flushing technology and provides installers with a choice of designs and materials to suit every project and trend, from discreet and minimalist to modern and bold. The Visign for Style 20, for example, is the go-to classic design for WC flush plates made more versatile with the addition of the matt black finish.

The Visign for Style 21 is characterised by its clean-cut shape. With the matt black finish, this asymmetrical design promises to fit into any minimalistic, Bauhaus-inspired bathroom design with its straight lines. In addition, for an uninterrupted finish, both flush plates are also available for tile-level installation.

In contrast, the Visign for Style 23 opts for softer geometric shapes with an oval flush button and rounded edges that appear to float on the wall. This flush plate is already offered in 10 colours, including white, stainless steel, and gold plated, with the matt black finish adding to the diverse colour palette.

Lastly, the Visign for Style 24 combines geometric shapes and strictly placed lines. The vertical flush buttons stand out from the more traditional horizontal options. This flush plate is also available for a tile-level installation, with the matt black option guaranteed to blend easily into any bathroom design.  

The Visign for Style WC flush plates are made from high-quality plastic and finished in matt black. The colour shade has been designed to pair harmoniously with a variety of bathroom fixtures and fittings from different manufacturers. To ensure the colour is up to Viega’s design and quality standard, the surface has undergone a standardised abrasion test to ensure it is resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Scott James, Managing Director at Viega, commented: “We are seeing the colour black become a popular trend across the interior landscape. It’s being used to create different, exciting accents from minimalism to elegance in not just bathrooms, but in all living spaces.

"At Viega, quality is at the heart of our product offering, which is why we completed extensive product testing to ensure the durability of the matt black finish.”