Vent-Axia is celebrating Noise Action Week (22 to 27 May) with the announcement that its Lo-Carbon Svara bathroom fan has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society (NAS).

This is the fifth year that Vent-Axia has supported Noise Action Week, which is coordinated by Environmental Protection UK to tackle noise problems in neighbourhoods.

Vent-Axia’s Bluetooth-enabled Svara is an app-controlled unitary fan, operating at just 17dBA on low trickle. Its near-silent operation has resulted in the Svara being awarded the Quiet Mark by the NAS, a mark of approval given to manufacturers of the quietest products on the market and validated by the UK’s Association of Noise Consultants.

“We are able to offer some of the quietest ventilation products on the market, such as the Svara, and are delighted to be supporting Noise Action Week once again,” said Tom Emson, product marketing manager at Vent-Axia. “Svara’s recognition by the Noise Abatement Society will further assure our customers that they are buying one of the quietest fans available. The Svara helps ensure a peaceful, healthy environment for households with a range of clever features including silent scheduling and occupancy sensors to avoid nuisance running.”

Delivered factory set for continuous operation at low speed, with humidity and light sensors activated, Svara provides indoor air quality and comfort. Once the fan is set up at installation, all these sensors and speeds can be altered via the app to change the level of sensitivity that triggers them, and the speed of the fan within set parameters. Svara also features a humidistat, which reacts to sharp changes in humidity, for instance when someone is taking a shower. This helps control damaging humidity levels that can lead to condensation and mould and the associated health risks.