A new independent board of industry experts has been appointed to TrustMark, the government-endorsed Quality Scheme for tradespeople, to further enhance the levels of consumer protection, while achieving better business for reputable tradespeople. 

The board, which comprises of a new Chairman and seven Non-executive Directors, will reportedly ensure adequate representation of all the industry sectors TrustMark works with, coupled with experts from a wide range of industries, to provide “fresh knowledge and insight to the running of TrustMark”.

A number of councils are being developed, including a Consumer Protection Council, in order to support the board with the strategic direction of the organisation, as well as providing collaborations and developments to serve the industry and consumer.
TrustMark reports that the change of board has taken place to help facilitate a number of significant developments following the Each Home Counts Review. This review led directly to the expansion of TrustMark’s scope to become the government-appointed, all-encompassing mark of quality.

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive Officer of TrustMark and Executive Director on the board, said: “TrustMark is at an important stage as an organisation, where it has a genuine opportunity to create far-reaching, positive change and significantly enhance the levels of protection consumers can rely on. The directional support and input of this new board will be invaluable and we look forward to working together to deliver the best outcomes possible for both consumers and the trades within our scheme."

Simon Ayers is the only Executive Director on the board and has been TrustMark’s Chief Executive Officer for over four years. Prior to TrustMark, Simon’s career included many leadership roles within the energy and consumer protection sectors.

The new board will also include the following people:


Ranil Jayawardena

Ranil has a background in financial services at the UK’s largest mortgage lender, as well as being heavily engaged in exploring the complexities and implications of Brexit in his role as a Member of Parliament and on the House of Commons International Trade Committee.
Non-executive Directors

Julie Hunter

Julie has worked exclusively in the field of consumer advocacy, policy and protection for almost 20 years. She has developed an enviable network and reputation in this field and has considerable experience of media engagement and will assist TrustMark with new initiatives and aims.

Emma Clancy

Emma is a well-known and respected voice within the construction sector, with considerable senior level experience in other industries including consumer protection and financial services. This, along with her role on several significant committees, will make Emma a highly valued technical as well as strategic voice within the board.

Anna Scothern

Anna is a long-standing leader within the built environment and housing sector with a focus on improvements to all aspects of energy and health in the home. She is keen to contribute to TrustMark as an evolving organisation, utilising cross industry and consumer champion expertise, alongside a talent for future thinking and scenario forecasting in order to help achieve TrustMark’s corporate vision.

David Oakley

David has a track record in senior roles at global corporations such as Twinings, Coca-Cola and KPMG, and is a passionate, entrepreneurial leader. His strategic leadership expertise will be invaluable, as will his ability to manage stakeholder engagement.

Lynn Hugo

Lynn has a broad background at senior level encompassing FTSE 100 and Global PLC organisations, but also not for profit, public sector and enterprise start-ups. This range gives her considerable insight into the diversity that comprises TrustMark’s stakeholders. Lynn’s values, combined with experience in human resources, law, business transformation, organisational development and design, culture change and improved ways of working will make a significant contribution to TrustMark. 

Richard Saggers

Richard brings an understanding of how to create customer proximity in order to drive new revenue opportunities, due to his experience in senior roles at international telecommunication businesses, as well as the establishment of a trade association. He has an excellent track record of innovation, operational leadership and value creation both in the UK and internationally and will help shape the organisation going forward.

Stephen Huller

Stephen has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of senior financial roles and a special interest in helping consumers save money and reduce carbon emissions through access to appropriate energy efficiency measures. He will assist and guide TrustMark in the implementation of a robust and fair finance and insurance structure that will protect consumers making such improvements to their homes.