The projection suggests that a growing number of end-users will potentially require adaptations in the home, highlighting an urgency to futureproof housing stock.

According to Triton, this makes it all the more important that housing providers start integrating electric showers specifically created for inclusive and multigenerational applications into the wider housing stock now – ensuring properties are fit for purpose in the long term.

Martyn Brown, Contracts and Technical Manager at Triton, said: “It is no secret that as a nation, we’re living longer. However, with this comes challenges. Housing availability is limited and we are seeing multiple generations living under the same roof, as young people struggle to get on the property ladder.

“The requirements of the population are changing and for those that are older or vulnerable, products that cater to their needs is integral to safeguard health, safety, independence and welfare.

“This is where specifying items that place the operator at the heart of their design really matters. Electric showers like the models in our Omnicare range, which have been specifically created for people with enhanced needs, are one example.

“These products are equipped with innovations such as thermostatic temperature control to prevent scalding and sudden drops in water temperature, as well as audible feedback and tactile controls – all to help users shower safely.

“Meanwhile, there are a range of additional features that can add further assurance, such as multi-purpose grab riser rail kits to support people who may be unsteady on their feet, or remote start/stop controls that allow operation from outside a cubicle.”